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Going to have its foundation in 2021, Firstly we are setting out to provide safety and security measures for our children in Ethiopia who are struggling with the issue of kidnapping for a long time also we are going to be operational for the security of assets (Vehicles) of people. Eagle telematics is working with one of the best UK automotive company. Every one of our Team is devoted to being awesome in their fields and their obligation to quality is outright. We urge our representatives to get included and consolidate ability with a collective way to deal with settling our client's difficulties. When we talk about insurance vehicle trackers or individual use GPS beacons for the Kids, Eagle Telematics is here to guarantee that you have the best GPS trackers for your requirements. Made in the United Kingdom, Eagle telematics is known for its GPS tracking easily accessible through a user-friendly app.



(Deputy Manager and Marketing Director)

Mulugeta has been graduated from Technical Engineering college also have done a BA in Business and marketing. He has experience working with multiple organisations at the local and international level. He has performed his duties in the maintenance and technical department of Ethiopia Airlines. For Abrica engineering plc he worked as a technical supervisor and business marketing. In OMEDAD plc and Dan Technocraft Plc, he worked as a supervisor and salesman.

Currently, he is working as a self-employed in the United Kingdom. He is passionate to hold up the people in Ethiopia. He aims to provide the most reliable means for children safety by the usage of advanced technology and the internet he wants to empower them with self-confidence. He believes it's highly needed in today’s time so, he pushed the technology to improve the protection and well-being of the people of Ethiopia and later aims to work on the global stage. The only reason behind this is the safety of people and Kids in Ethiopia, he wants to save lives. He along with his co-founder Dawit working to make Eagle telematics live in east Africa.

Dawit Teklesadik

(Operational Director)

Dawit is an energetic and coordinated individual, dealing with all the matters related to manufacturing, functionality, purchase orders and fulfil the needs of customers according to their specifications. He aims to provide Ethiopia with the leading GPS trackers ever.
He graduated within BBA and B.Eng civil and environmental and has been working in this field for the past 7 to 8 years.

Girum Kebede

(Managing Director)

Girum is responsible for directing and synchronizing Eagle’s general procedure towards product development and guaranteeing corporate targets and norms of execution are perceived to achieve its objective.
Girum graduated in marketing and a BSc in laboratory technology. He is one of the co-founders and a general manager for Hulegeab online solution which is the first betting company in Ethiopia (Hulusport betting). He has got more than 7 years’ experience as a general manager. His ambition to make Eagle one of the best telematics company in Ethiopia as well as in Africa.

Amanuel Getachew

(Legal and Administration Director)

Amanuel is a Highly motivated and visionary individual. He is responsible for all of Eagle’s legal and administrative issues. He has 13 years of experience as an Attorney and consultant. He graduated LL. B from Mekele University and LL.M from Amsterdam in Alternative dispute resolution.

Our Mission

We are passionate about building our prestige as a leader in the manufacturing and supply of automotive electronic devices for the OE and aftermarket. We aim to provide safety and security to our community through tracking devices. We aim to give them a healthy living environment by excluding all the fears.

Our Vision

We want to work in a leading capacity for the automotive industry our main objective is to become frontline tracking device providers. We provide Early warning theft alerts because we aim to enhance your loved ones and your assets security.

Core Values

• Contentment of customers • Dedicated to quality work • Provide best servicing through in time taking measures • We aim to secure your kids and vehicles. • Affordable prices • Ultimate accuracy and reliability • Tracking cover throughout Ethiopia with no additional or hidden charges


We always aspire to be great people to work for by showing commitment in building our relationships, not only with our clients but also within Scorpion. Each of our departments are dedicated to being the best in their fields and their commitment to quality is absolute. We encourage our employees to get involved and we combine expertise with a collaborative approach to solving our customer’s challenges.

Eagle Telematics offers a variety of innovative products to suit your GPS vehicle tracking and security needs.

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