Kids Tracker

Protection of Your Child

The latest device has been Originated for your kid’s safety by giving access to the parents and guardian for tracking their real-time location through the mobile application.


This would be a small gadget that will be attached to their bags and associated with the mobile application. Through this application, parents will be aware of any uncertain changes or problems for their kids, and they can take safety measures for their child’s protection.

We aim to protect your kids everywhere that is the reason we have design easy to use device which can be handled comfortably. It is a small device that can be fastened with your child backpacks or clothing. Through this device, you can stay connected with your kids either at school or playground or anywhere else. Eagle telematics app keeps you updated constantly regarding your child. The following application is not difficult to utilize and functioned admirably on both our Android tablet and iPhone. Through this device, the outings of your child become safer, and they become more confident. This tracker has an amazing battery life which lasts up to six days a week and by adjusting the frequency the battery life can even last longer. Regarding the tracker used for kidnapping, it would be able to last for up to 6 days if it has been fully charged before being used. Ideally, the tracking device would need to be charged before each substantial use.

Eagle Telematics offers a variety of innovative products to suit your GPS vehicle tracking and security needs.

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